The First Pure Black Baby Bottle In The World

Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle
Oct. 14, 2022
First Pure Black Baby Bottle In The World
Research from the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute in San Francisco, amongst others, has shown that in the first few months of life, a newborn baby sees primarily in shades of black, grey and white.For this reason, a monochrome (different shades of one color), or dark color scheme filled with contrasting patterns and shapes provides a newborn baby with the best form of visual stimulation, without overwhelming them with a “circus” atmosphere. HEORSHE choose Pure black as product color, that chic and cool, this color also can help your baby more brain growth and faster visual development and boost your child’s attention span and curiosity, while also improving memory.
Dual Air Vent
The unique air-control system allows the bottle to vent, which helps to avoid gassiness. Silicone material, BPA free All products by HEORSHE® are BPA-free, meaning 100% of them can be safely used. All raw materials have been certified by international authorities.
Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle
Parenthood is a wonderful experience, and every parent wants to give their newborn a beautiful start. We believe that feeding is one of the most important explorations in the growth of a newborn. Feeling mommy is the best feeling for a baby. Our silicone bottles are designed to give your baby the feeling of a mommy companion. While designing our bottle, we set out to solve several key issues with standard baby bottles. Our bottle helps avoid gassiness by venting through a unique air-control system. Additionally, we made an ultra-wide neck design and silicone materials were used for easy cleaning. Most of all, our silicone bottles solve the problems of “bottle rejection” and “nipple confusion” with a design that is very close to the real thing. “I FEEL MUMMY.”
160 days, 898 reverse breast molds, over 98 iterations, means this nipple was accepted by most babies. The ultra-soft nipple closely resembles a real breast. Your baby will undoubtedly become engrossed in the feeding experience.
The unique air-control system allows the bottle to vent, which helps to avoid gassiness. This design is the best bottle for preventing reflux.
Ultra Transform Cap
Heorshe has prepared the Ultra Transform Cap for the Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle, which has become a must-have for fashionable moms with a multi-functional and a high-value baby bottle! Extending the bottle to feeding, storing milk and storing anything else. The multi-functional design of one bottle to the end creates an environmentally friendly concept of sustainable use.
The choice of chic mothers
As soon as this black feeding bottle was launched, it was immediately loved and recognized by mothers from all over the world. They are independent and fashionable women who love life and family. They are willing to share the Heorshe with more mothers. They are our best customers and ambassadors. Under their endorsement Heorshe quickly grew a large number of fans on social media.
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