Yoga Mother Raroika

Jan. 6 , 2023

Raroika is an Italian blogger who lives on the border between France and Italy. Her home is only 30 minutes away from the Alpi Graie mountain. She stays with nature and yoga for a long time, keeping Precious human qualities: authenticity, joy, and gratitude.

Raroika always wrote “Namaste” at the end of each post on her Instagram. Having Sola Claire (her daughter )didn’t make her give up Yoga. She takes Sola to practice with her. As days gradually passed Sola grew up, and this little girl also echo her mother’s yoga poses on social media.

Raroika didn’t give up her hobby and used her behavior to influence children and this interactive method to establish a deeper connection with Sola. This behavior inspired many fans to love and respect their honest opinion.

The husband of Raroika loves her deeply and always supports her, they have a family day every weekend. He spends a lot of time with his wife, talking, playing, doing housework, and parenting with Raoika, this couple believed: there is no perfect way for parents to do the best they can.  It can be very hard and messy and can be filled with disappointment but also beautiful, filled with laughter and love the most fulfilling job they will ever do.

Apparently, Sola has become a toddler and now learning a lot of things by herself including eating, despite choosing the HEORSHE feeding set, Sola still makes a mess on the floor, how to the governance of this messy eater (jump to messy)? in this case, Raroika doing  a humorous ridiculous record while cleaning patiently.

5 Reasons Why Fans Love Raroika Above
  • Exemplifying and Sharing in Self-Care
  • Gratitude
  • Patience and Availability to Connect on a Deeper Level with baby
  • There is No Perfect, and That’s Ok
  • Letting Go of Control

The ‘baby blues’ happen to a lot of new moms. The combination of a massive drop off of hormones like estrogen after birth, plus the rollercoaster of emotions (not to mention sleep deprivation) a new baby brings leaves some moms in tears. However, the ‘baby blues’ are supposed to dissipate within a few weeks, and not feel overwhelming or long-term.

New mom anxiety isn’t confined to postpartum — it can hit before or after having a baby. Yes, that’s right. Maternal—perinatal — anxiety can manifest before you’ve even had your baby! For a lot of women, anxiety starts to manifest during pregnancy, but it’s so rarely talked about that those women often feel isolated and alone in their worries. It is very dangerous for mothers to ignore their inner health to care for their children. Mothers need to learn from Roroika. After mastering the above 5 skill points, it may be beneficial to their inner health.
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