We’ve been using this bottle for over a week now and I’m very pleased with it.

I love the colour as it’s blush pink which matches my pram and I’ve had compliments about the way it looks ie the handles which baby B can grip herself as you don’t really see other baby bottles with handles so she can use it independently or I can take the handle off for me to feed her. .
It’s a antibacterial BPA free bottle which is super easy to clean and it comes with a little brush to get inside the teat easily. It’s definitely perfect for days out and it doesn’t leak, even if you tip it upside down. .
The main feature of this bottle which is a bonus for me is the heat sensing design. Its the headphone like design which is around the middle of the bottle, it changes to white if the temperature of water is far too hot to give to your baby and this does work as I found when I put it in the sterilizer to clean. (The only reason It doesn’t work when I make up a bottle is because I use my prep machine so it’s at the correct temperature. So that’s why it doesn’t change colour…. but just remember to always test it before hand as you never know) .
It’s teat is breast like shaped so it’s perfect for transitioning from breast feeding or combi-feeding. .
It has a 360° weighted straw which allows to feed in any position and this bottle is anti colic so it helps reduce colic, reflux and bellyaches. .
The weighted straw is to reduce the intake of the gas bubbles from when you’ve mixed formula as it stores the bubbles into the bottom of the bottle not allowing them to pass through when your baby is drinking. This has actually made a huge difference to when I’m feeding baby B as I’ve noticed reduced sickiness after winding her as she’s quite a sicky baby after feeds…. so I’m thinking that maybe #anticolicbottles are the way forward for us now.

Written by @mrsb_2b