Your Messy Toddler Eating Survival Guide

How to avoid mess while feeding toddler

Dec. 9, 2022

As we know: Toddler eating habits can be downright gross. Food in your hair; food in baby’s hair; food crammed into the teeny crevices of the highchair; food on the carpet in the next room.

Their frivolous dining behavior often results in food scraps everywhere, such as in the hair, in the clothes, on the legs of the trousers, on your head, on your clothes, and the floor. The thing is, mealtime is supposed to be sloppy. Messy eating shows that kids are learning all about tastes and textures — and gravity. Your job is to keep on serving your messy eater, but save your sanity with what we Suggest.

Handing your kiddo utensils at mealtime may have to be a recipe for disaster. While adult forks and spoons are far too big and heavy for toddlers to successfully maneuver into their mouths, resulting in an imbalance, the BABY FORK AND SPOON SET is perfect.

Stainless steel BABY FORK AND SPOON SET, we designed with a tiny dinosaur handle design to attract toddlers’ interest in eating &make mealtime fun. Hand grip spoon and fork sets are designed with small hands in mind, ergonomically with handles that are not too long or too narrow.

This is a rounded and smooth edge spoon, causing no chokes and hurts, baby can use it by themselves safely. And the spoon size is just considered for the volume of each bite. Compared to SUS 304, SUS 316 stainless steel we are using is more resistant to high temperatures and durable and can resist acid, alkali, and salt corrosion.

“They’re lightweight and the handles are short and curved, making it easier for a toddler to feed himself.” The soft-grip stainless steel baby BABY FORK AND SPOON SET sports a teeny flat spot on the handle, preventing accidental rolling-onto-the-floor action.

Once your baby hits the solids-eating stage, going to restaurants is a whole different ballgame. You want to keep your little one’s food-tasting journey on track, “but sometimes when you’re at a restaurant or on the go, you don’t feel like dealing with the associated mess. It’s simple, really:” Placing a few pieces of penne on a highchair table will yield less mess than a full bowl of pasta. Starting a meal with small amounts of food serves two purposes, It can be less overwhelming for kids, especially if they’re wary of certain foods, and it gives messy eaters less food to play with once they’re full.” Remember: It’s easier to serve a second helping than it is to clean a food-splattered floor.

For those times, consider a silicone feeder TODDLER FEEDING SET. You simply place fresh or frozen food into the no-mess pouch and let your little one enjoy it while you take a breather and attempt a relaxing dinner out. Not only do you nix a mess on the restaurant floor, but the feeder is also super-easy to clean once you’re home.

As new parents quickly discover, most bibs move around — so your little one’s clothes could still end up getting doused in the delicious apple custard you just made, or whatever food he’s learning how to eat. The silicone pocket bib I’M A BIB is designed with larger openings to catch food falling from the baby’s mouth while keeping the baby’s dining area stay put and catch food as it’s tumbling down from your kid’s mouth or hands. When choosing bibs, The silicone pocket bibs certainly seem to keep his clothing much cleaner than a traditional cloth bib. And the bibs themselves are easy to clean, baby can drop food into the bib pocket and then retrieves it and eats it. You also can wipe the Roll-Up Bib with soapy water, or just toss it into the washing machine when needed.

I’M A BIB to adapt to growing babies, we have designed 6 neck gear positions, more accurate and convenient for infants of different sizes and ages. 25mm soft side band, can evenly distribute the weight,  the bib is less than 100g, and does not cause any pressure to the baby’s neck.

Avoid Snack Attacks

Crackers and cereal seem like great no-mess, kid-friendly snacks to take on the go, but toddlers will be toddlers. Snacks use an ULTRA WIDE NECK BABY BOTTLE you will love these when you’re at someone else’s house, the toddler can walk around with it and you don’t have to worry that he’s making a giant mess.  go-to: ULTRA WIDE NECK BABY BOTTLE, which has a twist-on, easy-access opening that tot-sized hands can reach into, Ultra Transform Cap can easily be changed the ULTRA WIDE NECK BABY BOTTLE bottle become storage.

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