Keep your kids clean ! I’m bib !
Dec. 23, 2022

Seeing your infants switch from a milk diet to a regular meal is an exciting moment. But, as your kid grows and discovers tastes and aromas, they start to make an even bigger mess. Traditional cloth bibs are cute but cannot withstand numerous mouth misses; thankfully, using HEORSHE silicone bibs [I”M BIB] will defend against messes and the hassle of cleaning, allowing you both to enjoy food in peace.

Why [I”M BIB】


It’s crucial to consider that your baby’s bib is comfy and doesn’t irritate their skin. Thankfully, you can do that by choosing a gentle silicone bib for them to wear. Make sure to choose a stain and water-resistant bib so your infant can try wet and dry foods. Also, remember that the ideal bib doesn’t absorb moisture and you won’t have to dry it. It will dry sufficiently in time for another snack break.


Since your child will be wearing the bib often, it’s essential to consider the material. Choose one that’s easy with soap and water once feeding is over.

Easy to fold

Your infant will undoubtedly require multiple bibs; consequently, bibs that fold easily will help you to store them without effort. It’s essential to find a well-made, functional bib so that it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage or drawer.

The perfect fit

A well-fitted bib will make a close fit around your child’s neck, making it difficult for your infant to remove it. Some parents and caregivers are unaware that baby bibs come in sizes suited for children of different ages. We have designed 6 neck gear positions, more accurate and convenient for infants of different sizes and ages. 25mm soft side band, can evenly distribute the weight,  the bib is less than 100g, does not cause any pressure to the baby’s neck.

Easy to wash

Unsurprisingly, your infant’s bib will become soiled and require extensive cleaning. That’s why you must select a bib that doesn’t require extra effort to clean. Choose one that helps you easily remove food from the bib with dish soap in the sink or the dishwasher.

In addition, you need not exert as much effort to remove stains and crumbs — sometimes, you can use alcohol-free wet wipes to remove tiny food stains. Overall, silicone bibs are good because food doesn’t stick to the material and you can rest assured that no bacteria will continue to grow on your child’s bib.

Large Size

Conventional bibs are ideal for catching little quantities of fluid, while a more advanced bib will have extra features, including customizable snaps or food catchers.

The curve of the bib fits the baby’s body, and the leak-proof groove at the bottom has more space to deepen, which can perfectly hold the food dropped by the baby when eating, so as to reduce waste and make cleaning more convenient for parents.  

Why You Should Use I’M A BIB

This silicone bib is also stain-resistant, dustproof, and hygienic upgraded material, it’s easy to clean, saving you even more time to spend running after your kid.

1.Safe for your infant and toddler.

The HEORSHE Silicone Bib I’M A BIB features  BPA and phthalate-free food-grade silicone to ensure your child is safe and clean. It’s also stain-resistant、 dustproof, and hygienic upgraded material. Equipped with integrated fasteners, its rounded neck allows a secure and comfortable fit, while a wide front pocket captures food and keeps your baby clean.

2.Lightweight and secure.

This bib is less than 100g and does not cause any pressure on the infants’ and toddlers’ necks. saving you even more time to spend running after your kid. it’s easy to clean.

3.Simple to store and transport

You can Roll-Up Bib when needed, Rolling and folding silicone infant feeding bibs are effortless, and they don’t require a lot of space to store. In addition, they’re portable, and convenient for both travel and storage in diaper bags.

4.Food collector and leak-proof groove

Connected catch tray, these bibs are equipped with a large pocket to catch dribbles, crumbs, and other toddler dining messes. Also baby can drop food into the bib pocket and then retrieves it and eats it.

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