Self-Care And Self-Discipline Mom Brooklyn Maldonado

Jan. 13, 2023

Brooklyn Maldonado a momma of two sweet kiddos two and under, works full-time during the week, so on the weekends, she loves to pick up her camera and create content and memories that Will last forever!

”Helping to build solid financial foundations one budget at a time” is an introduction to her homepage of YOUTUBE, we can observe: before Brooklyn gave birth to her babes are taught Fans how to build solid financial foundations, after she becomes a mother, became a baby knowledge blogger.

Women tend to be more prone to anxiety than men, and this anxiety mainly comes from three points:

1.Mother anxiety
This anxiety comes from what tone to use to guide the child, whether you are doing well, whether it is enough, and letting your child fail is one of the biggest fears of women. we can see Brooklyn didn’t shy away from this anxiety and not be coerced by traditional parenting methods. She is rational and often outputs positive energy through education methods and parenting concepts. For example, her husband is a nurse.

Due to the nature of her husband’s work, she has to lead 2 children independently, which means that she may have to stay overnight or she can’t produce breast milk when she is a mother, so she can only rely on brewing milk powder to feed her children. That is great, mothers don’t have to sacrifice for their children If the nipples are swollen, breastfeeding will continue until the child is 6 months old. This will depend on whether her’s views are clear and organized, but Brooklyn will be helped, This makes Brooklyn can explain mother and baby knowledge more clearly than confinement centers. Fans like to watch her channel very much.

2. Aging exacerbates abandonment anxiety, which stems from the loss of a friend, spouse, or partner

Brooklyn has maintained a 16-year friendship with her good sisters so far. They have witnessed growth together and become wives and mothers together. Frequent communication allows Brooklyn to have more parenting knowledge to share. The way she is good at summarizing and sharing experiences is also quite effective, Most women will give up socializing after having a family and children.

These anxieties also increase with age. Brooklyn effectively resists abandonment anxiety, maintains good social activities, and keeps in touch with her family and friends.

3. Self-worth anxiety.

This anxiety comes from the recognition and evaluation of others, such as the tone of others speaking to you, what your job is and how much your hourly salary is.Brooklyn planned her life very well. She loves her family, loves her jobs, dares to take responsibility, Learning, authentic, willing to help others, is enthusiastic, has a loving family, and is full of love, the most difficult thing is her financial mind.we can see Brooklyn does not rely on others’s, very independent.

The fan comments helped her and accompany her. No matter whether the comments are good or bad, she always maintains a balance in her heart. Keeping her job keeps her from getting derailed from society and realizes her self-worth at the same time.


Fans are often asked to take more photos of her children. fans will feel healed by her smile. Here is the photo of the little daughter holding HEORSHE’s bottle. We exclaimed “so cute.” This sippy cup with its own gravity ball can ensure that the baby will not have gas entering her stomach when drinking water under any change of posture angle, causing her Intestinal colic or flatulence, babies after 3 months can use it, let’s see how this little baby enjoys it.

If you are a novice mother with many questions, you can subscribe to Brooklyn Maldonado’s YOUTUBE or INSTAGRAM, We hope you can learn how to manage your baby and family budget while learning women’s self-management and resistance to anxiety. Reconcile with yourself, don’t use the definition of you in other people’s mouths, change yourself and be your unique self.

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