Antibacterial Technology

Research Background

According to a US Public Health Report, 64% of deaths from bacterial infections originate from bacterial infections in hospitals.  The British “Guardian” also issued a warning that in the future, drug-resistant bacteria will cause the death toll to reach 10 million a year, becoming the No.1 cause of death. With the advent of antibiotics, growing populations, and a more globalized society, the evolution of bacteria is getting faster and faster, which has an increasing impact on human health. The threat has never been more real.

Babies are a low-resistance group, especially newborns; their immune system is not yet fully developed, and their gastrointestinal functions are relatively imperfect.

Therefore, newborns are among the most at risk of infection. Moreover, during this period of infancy, babies’ skin and respiratory system are very soft, making them more susceptible to airborne pathogens. With these things in mind, we set out to create a brand new safe-feeding method, made possible by a new physical antibacterial polymer. We worked with the Antibacterial Association, obtaining professional information technology guidance for antibacterial feeding. Then, with help from the Authoritative Academic Testing Organization, the product was carefully tested for safety and functionality. Now, after six years of painstaking research, development, and testing, our new antibacterial polymer is finally ready to help in the fight against the spread of bacterial pathogens. Our goal is to use this technology to make safe antibacterial feeding available to every baby, HE OR SHE, resulting in happier healthier babies around the world.

What is High Plolymer Antibacterial Material?

Antibacterial agents utilize chemical or physical methods to kill or inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction as well as it’s activity. Chemical methods, while effective in killing bacteria, can be harmful and pose a risk to baby and you. We take advantage of the safer and more secure physical antibacterial technology. Studies have shown that health is a top concern for parents in the “home feeding ecosystem.” In a relatively closed space, bacteria can easily grow in a non-ventilated, warm, and humid environment. Bacteria spread with airflow and become the “invisible killer.” Our physical antibacterial polymer is designed to prevent bacteria from attaching, thereby inhibiting the activity, growth, and reproduction of bacteria. Without a surface on which to attach, bacteria’s ability to split and grow is greatly hindered. At the same time, we observed the materials have an additional property; they accept some of the probiotics that are good for your baby’s body. After rigorous testing, the first antibacterial bottle in the world was born. Give your baby the tough protection of an antibacterial bottle!

Material For Comparison

Our Guarantee

All products of HEORSHE are BPA-free, 100% of which can be safely used. Meanwhile, high polymer antibacterial materials are adopted. All raw materials have been certified by international authorities.