About Us


About Us

HEORSHE identifies itself as a new generation baby brand. We are inspired by a beautiful vision: that baby products can pursue the trendy fashion style while ensuring an extremely safe material and smooth user experience.

When the market was flooded with too many overly cute, dizzying products, we decided to develop a path that din't follow the crowd. We carry out our brand spirit through our own practical actions: we hope that every newborn will explore his/her true gender self in a loving environment and bravely retain his own uniqueness. They don't have to be held hostage to any limiting thought, nor dictated by gender or stereotypes conveyed by the mass media a to which color or style of toy they should like.

Evidenced by the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute that in the first few months of life, a newborn baby sees primarily in monochromatic shades. Based on this research, a monochromatic color or darker color scheme filled with contrasting patterns and organic shapes provides a newborn baby with the best form of visual stimulation. Based on this research, we had our product concept. After spending 160 days, reversing 898 breast molds and iterating over 98 times, we finally got our first iconic product - Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle.

Well Received

Before this, consumers were basically unable to find any baby brand that boldly used such a color palette After the first product launch, we have received a lot of positive feedback from parents and distributors, which is our firmer developent path for HEORSHE: We are safe but chic! If you can identify with us, sincerely welcome to join the HEORSHE family

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